Ubuntu – Nautilus 3.6 – look for filenames in current directory before general search


Is there a way to set the new Nautilus in Ubuntu 13.04 to have an old behaviour I liked, namely:

  • Type something
  • An item matching that name will be selected (pretty much like using the Tab key in a terminal)

This used to be virtually instant and quite convenient, but now it does a deep search across a variety of parameters when you start typing.

The deep search is useful, but by far the more frequent task is to select something within the current directory by name, which the old function satisfied perfectly.

Is there a way to restore this behaviour? I couldn't find an option in Preferences.

If possible, I'd like to avoid a roll-back as I hate to fight progress, but if that's the only option I'll take it.

Best Answer

Nautilus 3.6+ has removed or changed many good features it had in older versions; One is the typical search you mentioned. You have two options, one is to change your file browser from nautilus to "nemo" or something similar; another is to use non-official patched nautilus, named "SolusOS".