Ubuntu – Nautilus context menu for current directory when there’s lots of files / “Open in Terminal”


I want to be able to "open in terminal" from any directory.

I have the nautilus-open-terminal package installed

I'm not sure what the problem is exactly: when there's only a couple of items in a directory I can just right-click in the empty space, see the context menu, and click "Open in Terminal".

But if there's enough items to create a scroll bar there's nowhere to right click for the current directory.

If I right click on the breadcrumbs I don't see "open in terminal". The same happens when I look at the "File" menu.

This means that if there's a scrollbar there's no way to open a terminal in the current directory – I need to go up a directory, find the directory I was just in, and right click on that to open a terminal.

If there's no way around this it would be just as good to have a key combo to open a terminal in the current directory (ctrl-alt-t opens a terminal in my home directory).

Thanks for your help!

edit: I'm using list view

Best Answer

I know, this is not a real answer to the question.
But it is an alternative to achieve what OP requests as Nautilus does not natively offer a solution:

Use Nemo.

There you can add a button in the Toolbar to open Terminal in current folder.

enter image description here

More on Nemo: