Ubuntu – Modification of US-Internation keyboard layout


I have such question: how can i modify US-International keyboard layout?
By default to get this symbols: `~´¨ i need to press it twice or with AltGr Right Alt
With this answer I edited /usr/share/X11/symbols/us

partial alphanumeric_keys
xkb_symbols "intl" {

name[Group1]= "English (US, UNIm95 edit international with dead keys)";

include "us(basic)"

//Here only edited lines left
// Was
key <TLDE> { [dead_grave, dead_tilde,         grave,       asciitilde ] };
key <TLDE> { [     grave, asciitilde,    dead_grave,      dead_tilde  ] };

// Was
key <AE06> { [    6, dead_circumflex,    onequarter,      asciicircum ] };
// Now
key <AE06> { [        6, asciicircum,    onequarter, dead_circumflex  ] };   

// Was 
key <AC11> { [dead_acute, dead_diaeresis, apostrophe,        quotedbl ] };
// Now
key <AC11> { [apostrophe,   quotedbl,    dead_acute,   dead_diaeresis ] };

But it still works with double pressing. In Unity keyboard chooser I still can't find my layout:
Layouts chooser

If i choose English US-International it shows only standard Us-International without my edits.
Reboot also doesn't helped.

  • OS Ubuntu 14.04

UPD 07.09.2015

Alter reading this link from ubuntu help i found that after layout editing i need to reload it with

  sudo dpkg-reconfigure xkb-data

But also doesn't helped.

Best Answer

I found solution!
After editing


I needed to edit files


Add lines in both files under section

              <description>English (US)</description>
                      <description>English (US, UNIm-95 international with dead keys</description>

Here you can get my us, base.xml, evdev.xml

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