Ubuntu – Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint won’t save or open files


I'm a web developer, but new to linux. I am currently running ubuntu 11.10 with a gnome shell and wine (I think 1.3). I've installed microsoft office 2007, and worked through a small issue with powerpoint not running. So one little issue left, I can't save files, and I can't open files.

I've checked all over the various forums, and haven't found a solution yet. I haven't yet tried to completely uninstall wine and start from scratch (I haven't done that because I've actually got photoshop working, whoo!)

Anyways, would truly appreciate some help.

Best Answer

Here are the steps needed to install Microsoft Office on Linux (in my case Office Pro 2007, Ubuntu 11.10 with gnome-shell)

  1. Install Wine 1.3
  2. Install Wine Tricks
  3. Right click on office.exe file
  4. Wine walks you through installation
  5. Open Wine Tricks, select the default prefix
  6. Click Add Windows dll
  7. Add riched20 and riched30
  8. Open Wine configure
  9. Click Add Application, navigate to the individual .exe files (e.g. winword.exe, excel.exe)
  10. For those applications, hit the drop down menu and select Windows XP, making Wine emulate Windows XP just for office programs.