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Is WUBI freely available? I checked the link to download WUBI and the only way to proceed is by giving some amount as donation. I will surely do it, but I don't have a Paypal account and I am in urgent need to install Ubuntu. Can someone help me?

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Wubi is definitely free, although it hasn't yet (as of 2014-04-20) been updated for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

The best place to download Wubi for the old Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is from releases.ubuntu.com/12.04 (wubi.exe direct link).


A bug was introduced on April 10th when we released changes to the Ubuntu.com download section, which both hid the "skip" link on the Wubi contributions page, forcing you through Paypal, and broke the Wubi thank-you page so even if you did pay the download wouldn't start - pretty catastrophic. This is what led to the confusion.

I've now redirected the Wubi contribute URL directly to the download. Now if you click "Get the installer" on the Windows Installer page, your Wubi download will start immediately, so you never see the contributions page and don't even have the option to pay.

Edit: Now that Ubuntu 14.04 is out, the old Windows Installer URL on ubuntu.com now redirects you to the main desktop download page, as Wubi has not been updated for the new Ubuntu 14.04 yet.

I've answered and closed @JorgeCastro's bug.

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