Ubuntu – Wubi: Cannot download metalink and therefore the ISO (Change?)


Lots of people in the community have had problems with the Wubi already. I also have those problems. But after checking the logfiles of the problem, I had an idea, and I hope that someone can help me with it.

For example, the logfile shows that the Wubi tries to download file from here, but the thing is that it has updated to 14.04.3.

So my question is, is there anyway to change the link that it requests, or to talk to the developers about this?

Best Answer

The devs must know the issue because of an existing bug report for 14.04.1. 14.04.1 was the first point release where the devs forgot(?) to update the links.

IMHO there are the following solutions to fix this:

  1. You avoid Wubi (recommended).
  2. You wait until devs will fix this (Maybe, this will never happen)
  3. You change the file mentioned in bug report by your own. (Maybe, this solution is too difficult for you).
  4. You use a workaround for 14.04.1 published by bcbc, which works for 14.04.3, too. Thanks to bcbc.
  5. You trust unofficial, unsigned but fully fixed versions by hakuna_matata which you can find here. Thanks to hakuna_matata.