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Installing Autodesk Maya on Ubuntu is possible, but can be a bit challenging.

Assuming that one already has the required specs and a solid graphics card driver installed, how can it be done?

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Getting the Installer

First you need to download the actual linux rpm files from the autodesk website. Forget trying to bootleg it, Autodesk offers the files here: http://usa.autodesk.com/support/

Getting a License

You should obtain a personal edition license, a student license, or a commercial license. Autodesk also includes the utilities needed to connect to a network license.

You can also rent a license (such as the Maya LE for only $50 a month).

Note that when going through the student license process, you won't be offered a Linux download. Simply prepare to download the Windows version, and you will be given and emailed a key that works with the linux version.


Basically consists of converting the .rpm files to .deb files, installing the files, obtaining the proper libraries through apt-get and symlinking some files to make Maya happy.

See this script for the basic process: https://gist.github.com/MichaelLawton/32ca5cf6145f0ca4a7ebcdc510d7447d

Some Problems & Solutions

How to disable Alt+Click drag (Note you can use Super also in Maya, but if you are used to alt like me this helps a lot):

How do I disable window move with alt + left mouse button in GNOME Shell?

Fluxbox: https://askubuntu.com/a/392752/226792

Ubuntu Linux Maya doesn't load at all. Running maya at the command prompt displays no output. Maya no gui, Maya hangs at startup, etc.

Try first running it as a super user sudo maya. You should be able to run it as a normal user afterwards.

If you get an error about csh, you need to apt-get install csh first.

You might also try removing your maya directory ~/maya [source]

Ubuntu Linux Maya crashes when loading a file, Maya crashes when rendering. Maya some 3D elements missing, Maya grey starup screen, Maya crashes when making a file, etc.

  1. You need libjpeg62
  2. Remove the symlink /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libGL.so [Source]

Maya does not load Mental Ray, MENTALRAY_DIR not a file

Install the mentalrayForMaya.rpm package with scripts:

fakeroot alien --scripts mentalrayForMaya.rpm && sudo dpkg -i mentalrayForMaya.deb
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