Ubuntu – Can’t activate proprietary driver for NVIDIA from “Additional drivers” Ubuntu 14.04


Can't activate proprietary driver for NVIDIA from "Additional drivers" Ubuntu 14.04

I'm using Ubuntu 14.04,64 bit, with nvidia 610M dedicated graphics card.

By default when I go to "Softwares & Updates" > "Additional Drivers" it shows "Using X.Org X server-Nouveau display driver…" selected.

But I wanted to switch to proprietary nvidia driver so I selected "Using NVIDIA binary driver-version 331.38…" and clicked "Apply Changes" but shows a progress bar and after few seconds the "Nouveau" driver again shows selected.

I gave apt-get update from the terminal.
Did a reboot after "Apply Changes"
But still no luck.

It shows Nouveau driver ever after "Apply changes" and Reboot

Best Answer

You can run this action from command line, using utility ubuntu-drivers. In this case you will get some helpful descriptions of error. To install the most appropriate version use ubuntu-drivers autoinstall

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