Ubuntu – Installing Google Chrome Remote Desktop messed up the box


I was playing around with Chrome Remote Desktop and after a restart of my Ubuntu Gnome 17.04 box, things got really weird. First, I was prompted for a second entry of my password. Then, all my Google Chrome extensions were reset. And, finally, I noticed that I had no sound whatsoever.

After digging around in the audio settings, I discovered the following:

enter image description here

It looks like the original sound output was switched over to Chrome Remote Desktop with no option to reset it. Overall my computer felt like I was logged into a guest setting.

How the heck do I fix this?

Best Answer

This is what I did to fix the same issue. This way you don't have to restart your machine:

sudo rm -rf ~/.config/chrome-remote-desktop
killall pulseaudio
pulseaudio --start
gnome-shell --replace

It was also affecting my Gnome Apps. I was mad because I spent hours thinking it was because of my Yubikey since it's a U2F/FIDO2 Security Key. So I made sure to be forceful. I hope this is a cure-all for some folks until Google can make some fixes, I sent a feedback report to them about this.

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