Ubuntu – Cannot open terminal on Ubuntu 18.04


Recently I installed Ubuntu 18.04 and so far everything was great but yesterday it started to be weird.

Issues I found so far:

  1. terminal won't open after reboot, but when I log out and then log in it works
  2. sound is not working (tried few things but still no luck)
  3. cannot open nautilus

What I did before it started to act weirdly was that I have installed Chrome Remote Desktop and added google account to online accounts.

I cannot figure out how to fix this and is it related to chrome remote desktop.

I will appreciate any kind of help!

Best Answer

Once you install the Chrome Remote Desktop, all the windows are opened in a virtual desktop/workspace (which you can connect to remotely). The audio is also routed to the same desktop/workspace. After logging out of the current session and logging back in, you assume control over the current active session and everything seems to work.

If you want a quick solution to get your system working, just switch to a different virtual desktop (CtrlAltF4) and enter

sudo apt-get autoremove chrome-remote-desktop

after logging in to your account on the virtual desktop. To resume back on the gnome session, use CtrlAltF2.

Alternatively, MDMower provided a great answer on configuring your Chrome Remote Desktop installation here: https://superuser.com/questions/778028/configuring-chrome-remote-desktop-with-ubuntu-gnome-14-04/#answer-850359

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