Ubuntu – Inkscape 0.92.0 (snap) fonts problem – Ubuntu 16.10


Inkscape does not see any new installed font.

  1. Installed inkscape 0.92 (snap package)
  2. It works and recognizes all default fonts of Ubuntu 16.10
  3. Installed new font with font manager (Roboto ttf font family)
  4. Restarted inkscape and system. Inkscape does not "see" new font.
  5. Installed roboto font by copying directly to the usr/share/fonts/ folder. Refreshed font cache. Restarted system. Inkscape still does not see new font.

I've tried with couple of different fonts, and the situation is the same.

New fonts are appearing in LibreOffice for example, but not in Inkscape (maybe I need to ask elsewhere if it's Inkscape's problem?)

Best Answer

this is a known issue with the snap package format for Ubuntu. As far as I understand, they do only find fonts that you put into the .fonts directory in your home directory.