LibreOffice – Why Can’t New Fonts Be Installed in LibreOffice

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I have downloaded some True Type Font (ttf) fonts and pasted them in the directory


after that I restarted LibreOffice writer but I don't find the new fonts in the font list. No better result after rebooting.

I copied the files to


and again restarted LibreOffice writer, but still they aren't on the font list.

I've tried in another way. Opened the fonts with font viewer and click on the install but the result is the same.


I've just found that those specific fonts are installed on my system, they present on gedit's font list, but not in the LibreOffice font list. So, may be the problem is with LibreOffice.

Very surprising and irritating issue indeed.

Best Answer

I've found a solution for this problem. To do that you have to paste the fonts in the directory


It's important to mention here that, normally, you can't see the folders which started with a dot(.)(in ubuntu folders started with . are hidden folders). To see these folders press ctrl+h or click view > show hidden files.

Now if you don't have a folder named fonts in ~/.local/share/, then create one and paste your desired fonts in that folder.

This solution worked for me; hope it can help others.