Ubuntu – How tonstall Huawei Mobile Partner 21 in Ubuntu


We can't send SMSs, USSD codes, make calls or get Data Usage from Huawaei 3G dongles/data cards without Huawei mobile partner. How do we install it?

Best Answer

Installing Mobile Partner 21 [Customized Version]

Mobile Partner is the most popular program, but it version 23 is not available for Linux, you can install version 21 following the steps below

First, you want to download

32bit - http://www.mediafire.com/download/9oa5g9dx5xeoy97/mp21.zip
64bit - http://ubuntuone.com/3w67SSZzET4ZdyJSfG51za

How to Install

  • You need login as root:

    sudo -i
  • Go to the directory you downloaded the file to using cd, for example

    cd /home/hasiya/Desktop
  • Unzip

    unzip mp21.zip
  • Go into mp21 folder

    cd mp21
  • Install MobilePartner by using the install script


enter image description here

  1. If you had installed this software in your system before, you will get a prompt: "The software is exist, do you want overwrites? ([Y]/[N])", enter "y" to overwrites or "n" to exit.

  2. If you do not had installed this software in your system before, you will get a prompt: "Please input the install path[/usr/local/Mobile_Partner]:". Then you can input install path(fullpath), or you may using the default path(/usr/local/Mobile_Partner) by press ENTER direct

  3. Finish installing

How to run

  • Run MobilePartner in your install path eg: # //MobilePartner

  • Plug in your device, it will run automatically (Not supported in Xandros)

You have installed Mobile Partner to your Ubuntu machine, final result :

enter image description here