Ubuntu – In Ubuntu, is there an application like “Huawei Mobile Partner” for broadband dongle modems


Is there an application in Ubuntu which is like Huawei Mobile Partner, i. e. an application to manage broadband USB dongle modems? The application should provide:

  1. Display bandwidth
  2. SMS facility
  3. Make Connection and Disconnection
  4. Show Used Data Volume per given period

Best Answer

Modem Manager GUI

modem-manager-gui is a complete solution to manage and monitor mobile network based modems. Some of its features include:

  • In addition to Display Bandwidth and SMS, it has USSD support too.
  • Can manage (Stop or Start) the processes that use bandwidth.

For a complete list of features, visit the official homepage. It is available on Ubuntu repos for Ubuntu 14.04LTS and above. To install, click here:

Modem Manager GUI App on Ubuntu Software

Or run the following command:

sudo apt install modem-manager-gui

Modem Manager GUI

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