Ubuntu – How to write Bash script What is the command to open a terminal with two different tabed terminals and execute some commands separately tabs


How to write Bash script to open a terminal with two tabs, and execute commands in both tabs?

for instance:
tab 1 opens skype
tab 2 opens chromium-browser

In the end, I want one more thing: write a bash script with my skype username and password and feed those to skype.


Best Answer

one terminal with two tabs:

gnome-terminal --tab --tab

use the -e switch to execute commands (or scripts):

gnome-terminal --tab -e "command1" --tab -e "command2"

(I don't think there is an easy way of feeding your credentials to skype via the terminal.)
Update: check w4YGcbTeIH's answer, skype allows giving credentials via the command line.

But beware, your credentials would be exposed and this should be avoided.

A script to open skype and chromium-browser would look like the following:


skype --dbpath=<path> &
chromium-browser &

Put this code into myscript.sh and execute chmod +x myscript.sh (in a terminal) to make it executable.

About skype:

  • you can run skype without arguments (skype &) and it will load your default user profile ~/.Skype.
  • run it with --dbpath=<path> where <path> is your actual path of the Skype profile you want skype to load.

To run the script do one of the following:

  • open a terminal and execute ./myscript.sh
  • double click on the script and choose Run in the dialog.