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I've reading about about the Cinnamon Desktop through this Q&A:

How do I install the Cinnamon Desktop?

Also I've been reading these theming questions:

  1. Difference between GTK theme and GNOME shell theme?
  2. How do I get and install more themes, icons, and pointers?

I'm trying to understand downloading & installing themes. I see that I can download GTK2 & GTK3 but I'm unsure I understand the differences.

I see there are themes such as Unity Themes, Gnome-Shell themes from websites such as Gnome-look.org

How do I apply these themes to Cinnamon? I'm new to Cinnamon so a beginners guide would be very useful.

Best Answer

I suppose you have Cinnamon installed and running in your computer.

Cinnamon has a Website with themes, extensions and applets. Here is the link for themes:


You have to download the theme you like and uncompress it in /home/your_user/.themes

If you do not have the .themes folder, you can create it. So you must finally have, for the Minty theme for example, the next path: /home/your_user/.themes/Minty

The Minty folder is the uncompressed theme. Into that folder there is another folder called cinnamon (check this for all the themes you want to install).

Then you will be able to select the theme you installed using Cinnamon Settings (program included with Cinnamon).

The GTK themes are needed for the windows. You can get them from Gnome-look.org, for example. These themes must be installed into the same path (/home/your_user/.themes). Then you can choose the GTK theme in Cinnamon using Cinnamon Settings too. You can't use Gnome-Shell themes with Cinnamon. You have to use Cinnamon themes.

Sorry for my poor english.


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