Ubuntu – How to stream the soundcard output


I want to stream the output of my sound card to my iPod, via http server. The goal is to use my hifi as loud speakers for my computer, using my iPod, wireless.
(NB. I want to stream everything to my hifi (games, music…), so streaming files is NOT a solution)

I tried a lot of things with vlc, but none of them were successful.
I tried a few inputs for vlc, but I couldn't figure out how to refer to my soundcard

  • alsa://
  • alsa://hw:0,0
  • alsa://pulse (works, BUT it's the microphone, and not the soundcard)
  • v4l2:// –v4l-adev="/dev/dsp" (my computer does NOT have /dev/dsp)
  • v4l2:// –v4l-adev="/dev/snd"
  • –alsadev
  • –alsadev="hw:0,0"
  • –v4l2-standard
  • alsa:// –alsadev="hw:0,0"


Best Answer

Pulseaudio will let you change the recording source for an active application so that it uses "what you hear".

Run PulseAudio Volume Control, go to the recording tab, next to the name of the running application you want to change the audio source for choose "Monitor of "your card"".

And you'll want to be using pulse as your sound source in the application you're streaming from.

Here's a screenshot. http://i.imgur.com/bLC2g.jpg

To install run:

sudo apt-get install pavucontrol

It should also be in the Applications menu under Sound and Video.

To 'set as fallback' in Input Devices make sure "Show:", in the bottom, is set to "Monitors".

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