Ubuntu – Dell G3 3590 microphone not working


I'm having problems with the internal microphone of my dell G3 for since I installed Linux (first with in Manjaro, and now the same problem in Ubuntu).

Right now: basically the sound is working fine, everything seems ok (despite the fact that there is no detection of input device)

In alsamixer also seem ok with one exception, there is no internal microphone detected

but there is this two input source in the right at alsamixer, I can switch both between "Headset Mic" and "Headphone Mic" which dos not affect anything at first when I switch between then.

I tried to use audacity to test the mic and see if I could get any sound at all, I can control this options of mic


If I select any of the HDA Intel PCH: ALC3254 Analog I get no sound, and if I select any of the Alt Analog I get a static noise, what is curious about it is that in the DELL's website in windows drivers you can find this "Realtek ALC3254 High Definition Audio Codec Driver".

At this point I noticed another thing, if I connect a headset things start to change, in the settings->sound I got two options

settings-sound after plug in a headset

If I select in the input device "Headset Microphone – built-in Audio" everything works normally, but if I select "Microphone – Built-in Audio" then everything just mute, I can't hear anything from the computer and audacity changes too, now only the "Alt Analog" inputs got available, and all of them just output static.

A thing that I notice is that in dell's website there is a mention that this laptop has two microphone input,

My guess is: Somehow the way that they assemble these two microphones kinda bug everything.

Do you have any ideas how can I solve it?

edit1: I tried update the bios, but no success. A curious thing that i notice in the Pulse Audio Volume Control->Input Devices there is a "Monitor of Build-in Audio Analog Stereo" which is playing the same thing that the Volume Control->Output Devices "Speakers".

quick update 06/01/20
i try call the dell technical services and they basically said that once you buy a product with a operational system, they cannot provide you ANY support to other operational system even though they have all that is needed to.
i have a friend who bought a G3 with Ubuntu standard, and i'll try to "pirate" a copy of dell recovery tools for Ubuntu, from him service tag and i'll update you guys here.

Best Answer

If you were able to achieve static noise while recording, you were close to victory. You just had to change the sampling rate using console commands.

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