Ubuntu – How to resize root to increase home partition size in ubuntu 16.04 with gparted


I am using a dual boot windows 7 64-bit with Ubuntu 16.04 64-bit. I am new to Ubuntu as well as Linux.

I am getting a warning as I log in on Ubuntu about low space in home. Here is my disk space when checking through gparted.


Now what I want to do is reallocate some space from / to /home, since as you can see I have 59.66 GB space free in /. I want to know how to do this – the articles I read suggest it can be risky, and since I'm new I need detailed help.

I am also confused about the warning as in gparted I see that I have 1.75GB unused space in home but the warning says your home has just some 600+MB remaining. Why is that?

Best Answer


Even though the chances of losing data is slim but still


  1. Boot to a live environment using Ubuntu CD/DVD/USB.
  2. Open Gparted.
  3. Delete linux-swap (we will create it later).
  4. Resize /dev/sda5 to your desired size. See this answer for more information.
  5. Resize /dev/sda7 using the newly created unallocated space.
  6. Leave 4096 MB at the end for swap.
  7. Create new swap with the left out 4096 MB.
  8. Finally, apply all changes.
  9. Mount your / partition:

    sudo mkdir -p /media/dev && sudo mount /dev/sda5 /media/dev
  10. Edit /etc/fstab and change the UUID of the swap partition in the file:

    sudo gedit /etc/fstab
    • You can get the UUID of your swap partition from the command:

      sudo blkid
  11. Close everything and unmount mounted partition:

    sudo umount -R /media
  12. Reboot.