Ubuntu – How to resize root partition


I have a dual boot setup with Ubuntu and Windows 7. I need to shrink my root Ubuntu volume in order to get some free space to create a new partition. Are there any Windows based tools that will do this for me? I tried booting up in gparted to do this but I cannot tell which partition is which since I cannot find the size (it displays everything in blocks).

Best Answer

Parted Magic is a good suggestion, but if you already have an Ubuntu live CD or USB stick you can boot from that and run GParted from there. Basically, you need to boot from something which is not the hard drive you're going to resize partitions on.

As it's already been pointed out - gparted is a graphical utility, so what you're referring to as "GParted" is definitely not it. Which brings me to another important point: make sure you have a backup of everything, because your chances of screwing everything up are relatively high :)

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