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How can I reset the SMART results so it does not register previous results. My reason is that I was testing the hard drives closed together on a closed case. This made one of the HDD fail the Airflow Temperature reading.

After opening the case up (Which lowered the Temp of all drives 10 degrees Celsius in 5 minutes) and then separating the drives a bit more (3 less degrees) All results were good but since the Airflow reading failed in a previous reading, it always shows as failing.

So how can I reset the readings for SMART?

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Best Answer

Hard drives have spare space for recovery reasons. The recovery happens automatically. Recovery tools only remap physically bad sectors to this spare space. Once remapped, when a read or write occur to a bad sector, the drive turns the access to the spare space, and hides the error.

To be honest I don't know of a way to reset SMART data. It's something that the hard drive maintains internally, and in any event it would be a bad thing to do.

SMART reports that your hard drive is failing! Resetting the counters will not change the fact that an error threshold for the drive has been exceeded.

So NO, you can't Reset S.M.A.R.T. history. It's installed at the factory for drive evaluation upon failure. SMART can only be disabled or enabled.

I hope this answers your question.