Ubuntu – Hard disk failure error on SMART status. how can i fix it

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i am running ubuntu on my pc. i am receiving hard disk failure error on SMART status.
how can i fix it?

Best Answer

As I answered a while ago, you can check the SMART status of a disk through Disk Utility... But that's really only a tiny portion of the story.

Your disk is failing a test. Some of the SMART tests aren't too important but you need to check which it is. If it's one of the following, back up, buy another disk, and move everything off and bin the current disk.

  • Read Error Rate
  • Reallocated Sectors Count
  • Spin Retry Count
  • End-to-End error
  • Command Timeout
  • Reallocation Event Count
  • Current Pending Sector Count
  • Uncorrectable Sector Count
  • Soft Read Error Rate

It sounds dramatic but if one of those values is beyond its threshold, your drive has a real possibility of suffering some sort of critical failure in the near future. Acting as soon as possible may save you a sudden and rude interruption when you need the drive in the future and it fails.