Ubuntu – How to remove unnecessary locales


I noticed I have several unneeded locales installed, for example, firefox-locale-. I only need one locale.

How to remove all the rest?

Best Answer

First type the locale command to print-out your current locale configuration. Also you can use locale -a to display a list of all available locales.

Cleaning up unused locales

Install localepurge to remove any unwanted languages, while choosing the ones you want to keep. Note that this method will not change the locales settings on your system. It will just purge the locales you have not selected. Use at your own risk.

$ sudo apt-get install localepurge

After that, you could reboot or try to run . /etc/default/locale.

To reconfigure this, simply enter the following in terminal:

$ sudo dpkg-reconfigure localepurge

Another way answered here is to sudo locale-gen --purge <locales YOU WANT TO KEEP>