Ubuntu – How to read the sourcecode of a PDF


I want get the sourcecode of a PDF File. Unfortunately once I open the PDF with a texteditor some lines doesn't make sense… just like….

3 0 obj
<</Ff 0/F 6/Type/Annot/Subtype/Widget/DR<</Font<</Helv 2 0 R>>>>/T(Ä\n¬4^XÈ4ýæçO§W²W^D³^Ywzº<92>õÌ^AÀÄi]â<96><8c>)/V(Ä\n¬4^XÈ4ýæçO§W²W^Dø<93>r^D¥à<82>ú<83>Z^Q7^Cv^FÈ)/AP<</N 1 0 R>>/P 4 0 R/BS<</W 1/S/S>>/FT/Tx/Rect[40 50 70 80]/DA(Ä\n¬4^XÈ4ýæçO§W²W^Dù~êw3<84>&^X´âL|q@³^VC<8a>"Ýo^N¿=Ì<91>ta^R`àz)>>
6 0 obj

so %PDF-1.6 is fine but after it s not resolving the correct letters…. I tried with vim … is there any chance to get the correct content ….

Best Answer

You can't open the PDF file with a regular text editor, you have to use a Hex Editor, like ghex. Install it by running on console:

sudo apt-get install ghex

Or look for ghex into Ubuntu Software Center.enter image description here