Ubuntu – How to re-install Network Manager without an internet connection


I have only wireless connection, one computer with a connection and 4gb usb .

My second computer has no network connection, because I have deleted it from the software center. However, now I want to re-install it. How can I do that?

Best Answer

In case you only removed just Network Manager with the Software Center it is quite easy to reinstall by downloading only 2 packages from another machine connected to the internet:

  • Using packages.ubuntu.com, download the network-manager package from a software mirror close to you. Take care to choose the appropriate architecture (amd64 for 64-bit, i386 for 32-bit), and release version of your installed OS.
  • Download network-manager-gnome package likewise (am64 or i386).
  • copy both files on your spare USB pen drive and take it to the broken machine.
    (e.g. network-manager-gnome_0.8xxx.deb and network-manager_0.8xxx.deb)
  • Install network-manager and network-manager-gnome simply by double-clicking on these two .deb files. This opens the Ubuntu Software Center or Gdebi for reinstallation.
  • After a reboot (or just logging out and logging back in) the network manager will run and uses your previous settings as before.

Note: This was not tested for the case when network-manager was removed in other ways, and if other applications were removed that may have deleted additional dependencies.