Ubuntu – Network bridge – without destroying network manager


I have seen a lot of questions related to Bridge and network manager. however none of them seem to apply to what i seen AND want.

I setup my bridge in /etc/network/interfaces.
This works perfectly; it uses a nice static ip etc.

However once I rebooted, the network manager says it is unmanaged (as in it can't manage the bridge/connections).

Now this would normally be fine, but I kind of need/want something else on this computer as well.

The first question is:
Is it possible using openVPN (or any other vpn) connection on a bridged interface?

If so, how do I get Network Manager to manage the bridged interface? (as at this point VPN is set up there, but doesn't work/connect because it's unmanaged.)

Best Answer

Unfortunately, I keep answering my own questions aparently. But just to share with others..

Bridge + openvpn works BUT internal network only. AND has an odd bug that openvpn re-connects it self making multiple TAP devices (I use tap method).

In the end i solved my problem this way:

  1. go back to the normal Network management - default system stuff.
  2. Add an additional ip (leave gateway blank)
  3. Add ipv4 forward enabled
  4. Add iptables DMZ rules (forwarding your additional ip on eth0 to the vm - and vice versa).

The weirdest problem about ubuntu is it seems to forget all iptables and ipv4 forward enbaled (sysctl) settings on a reboot.

so, just add it to rc.local and it will work fine on every boot/reboot :)

If you need exact details for the setup, just give me a ring. ;)