Ubuntu – How to open the Unity dash when hitting the top left corner of the screen


How to open Ubuntu unity dash when hitting the top-left corner of the screen(i am working on Ubuntu 11.10), Just like in Gnome-shell(i love this feature). using compiz or anything else.

Best Answer

  1. Install xmacro.
  2. Install compizconfig-settings-manager.
  3. Open ccsm and click the Commands button (not the tick in front of it).
  4. Go to the Commands tab and copy-paste this line into an empty box: echo “KeyStrPress Super_L KeyStrRelease Super_L”| xmacroplay -d 1 :0.0 &> /dev/null.
  5. Go to the Edge bindings tab and click the button labeled None next to the corresponding command number.

That should've done the trick.

Source: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/08/open-unity-dash-compiz-edge-binding-gnome-shell-style/