Ubuntu – How to make an xorg.conf file


I just installed Ubuntu 12.10 and I need to make a custom xorg.conf file. By default, there is not an xorg.conf file on my system. I know what I need to write in the config, but I just don't know how to make X load it…

Should I put my custom commands in a file that already exists? Where is it?
Should I make my own xorg.conf file and put it in /etc/X11?

Best Answer

For Nvidia based cards I suggest to install the binary driver from the repositories and then run nvidia-xconfig. It will create a fishbone with basic configuration. Similar commands for other binary drivers may exist.

If there isn't, just start by creating the file and enter your settings.

All configuration not set will X find by itself. It has a lot of heuristic, but yes, it may be hard to find the right setting keywords and values in order to tweak everything to your needs.