Ubuntu – Where is the xorg.conf file in Ubuntu 18.04


I just installed Ubuntu 18.04. I have a machine with two gpus and 5 monitors. Getting them to work week has been challenging in the past, using previous versions of Ubuntu. In the end I manually created a xorg.conf file and worked well. Since then, every time I installed a new Ubuntu, I would just paste that file in /etc/X11/, reboot, and that would be good.

After installing Ubuntu 18.04 that strategy had not worked. I can't find where the xorg.conf file is located. Can you tell me where it is? Had there been a change in Ubuntu so that xorg is no longer used?


Best Answer

Lot of info in the man pages, try this in a terminal:

man xorg.conf


You should find your xorg.conf file or yours config files in one or more of the following directories:


Finally, configuration files will also be searched for in directories reserved for system use.

These are to separate configuration files from the vendor or 3rd party packages from those of local administration.

These files are found in the following directories:


PS: would you mind sharing your xorg.conf? I'm trying a setup similar to yours. Check my question here