Ubuntu – How to know what a snap will install


OS: Ubuntu 18.04

When I search the software center for kmag, I get two results: one for a .deb and one for a snap.

The .deb mentions a download size of 627.5 kB:

kmag .deb

The snap download appears to be smaller, at 237.6 kB:

kmag snap

In the case of the .deb, because I have some knowledge, I can open a terminal and run sudo apt install kmag to find out that 6,744 kB of archives will actually be required taking up 36.4 MB of additional disk space.

How would a user, especially a relative newcomer, know beforehand what the snap installation will entail in terms of how much will be downloaded and how much additional disk space will be used?

I went through the process of installing the kmag snap on Ubuntu 19.04.

The following image shows the folder size of kde-frameworks-5-core18 is 865.6 MB whereas the folder size for kmag is only 679 kB. The information provided by the software center or by running snap info kmag doesn't give the user any clue that kde-frameworks-5-core18 will be installed (with a size of 865.6 MB).

image of ncdu /snap

Best Answer

Get size information:
snap info kmag

Get more information about the snap format:

In short
A snap is a Squashfs file located in /var/lib/snapd/snaps/ mounted to /snap/

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