Package Management – How to Install .snap Application on an Offline Computer


In DEB package, it is not possible to install an application in offline (in a computer which does not have any internet access). Because of the dependencies. In case of .snap, according to the OMG!Ubuntu, Snap packages can contain both application binary and any dependencies required for it to run.

Does it mean that, any .snap application can be installed in an offline pc (like the .dmg in MacOSX)? As there is no need to fetch any dependencies from the source.

Best Answer

First of all, you can indeed install debs offline:

$ sudo dpkg -i <deb>

However, you're right in that it doesn't take into account the deb's dependencies-- you actually need to have the deb and all its dependencies available offline in order to successfully install it:

$ sudo dpkg -i <deb> <dependency1> <dependency2> ...

So yes, installing a snap offline is very easy, and all you need to have is that single snap (since as you know, it includes its dependencies):

$ sudo snap install path/to/snap