Ubuntu – How to install evince 3.14

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My current version is 3.10. The annotation can't delete, and I want the newest stable version to be installed. Here is a related post: How can I install the latest version of Evince?

Also, I can't find go to the previous postion menu. It is a very useful one, how can I add it. Document Viewer (Evince) history navigation

I've searched the web, but find no answer.

ps: I'm using ubuntu 14.04 LTS

Best Answer

Actually I just found that qpdfview is a very good, light-weighted pdfviewer have everything I need.

It support highlight, go backwards, addd anotation, many keyboard short cuts. You can find how to install it here: How to install qpdfview 0.4.14?

Have a try. This is the best pdfviewer I found so far!

Answer to my original question is still very welcomed.