Ubuntu – Document Viewer (Evince) history navigation


I am satisfied with basic functionality of Evince (3.4.0 on Ubuntu 12.04). Unfortunately in this viewer I am really missing history navigation i.e. possibility to go back to previous views and optionally go forward in the viewing history like most of the web browsers have Alt+ and Alt+. I think this function is very important when using hyperlinks and searching during browsing.

For Evince I did not find this function on the standard keyboard shortcuts, in the menu, in the documentation.

Does Evince have this function and how can it be used?

Which other PDF viewers maintained for Ubuntu have this function?

Best Answer

Under Evince 3.4 you can activate a "back" button by editing the toolbar (EditToolbar; drag and drop functions to toolbar):

enter image description here

I don't think there's any hotkey by default but you might be able to add a custom one.

If you're looking for customization you might be better off with a PDF viewer like Okular or qpdfview anyway. Both should offer the function you're searching for.