Ubuntu – How to enable nested virtualization in ubuntu


I would like to do some lib testing on my OS. So I need several environment to run KVM. And I found my guest machine was not able to run KVM.

I was using virtualbox 4.2.

Best Answer

KVM requires VT-X/AMD-V, but VirtualBox does not pass VT-X/AMD-V to the guest operating system.

Therefore, KVM can't run in VirtualBox (yet). Please track bug ticket #4032.

VT-X and AMD-V (so-called virtualization extensions) run the guest operating system natively in the CPU. Without them, the virtualization software must interpret the operating system opcodes in software, which is very slow.

For now, you can either

  • run KVM inside a hypervisor which passes virtualization extensions to the guest (e.g. KVM inside VMware Workstation 8), or
  • run another hypervisor inside VirtualBox (e.g. VirtualBox inside VirtualBox). This option will be very slow, because the guest will miss VT-X/AMD-V.