Ubuntu – How to enable “clicklock”


I've been looking for a while now a way to get the "click lock" in ubuntu 13.10 (for dragging) but so far, I have no success. Universal access lacks this feature, and I have not found some program or utility that allows me simulate it.

According to this question, it seems that in ubuntu 10.10 there was no way to get it working, but I wonder if this issue has been addressed in the latest versions.

With this command,xte "mousedown 1" I get the desired functionality, but still you would need to type the command on a terminal or bind it to a key. Is there a way to get the same functionality by long pressing the button click?

Thanks for any help.

Best Answer

What you need is kmousetool.According to man kmousetool,

KMouseTool clicks the mouse whenever the mouse cursor pauses briefly.

KMouseTool can also be configured to wait for a specified time for a drag to begin, before unclicking the mouse. This way, you can use it for drag and drop operations as well.

To install kmousetool, open a terminal and type

sudo apt-get install kmousetool

Open kmousetool and you will see a window like this. enter image description here

Here enable Smart drag and let the defaults "as is" for now. Click Apply and then click Start. You are ready to go.

This app requires a bit of practice and may seem hard to use at first, but with proper settings(which you may choose to change once you get acquainted) and a bit of practice, this can become a handy tool for anyone.