Ubuntu – How to delete the printer from Ubuntu


Using 12.04 my printer a canon ip2600 will not print.

SystemSettings/printers shows it as installed, connected to local host, enabled, accepting jobs, shared and allowing printing for everyone. Yet it does not print.

I have tried to remove it but get a request for user name and password which I enter (I only have one password) but the password is listed as incorrect.

I need a sudo command which I can use to delete the printer so I can attempt to re-install it. As it is the printer is useless and I can not even uninstall it.

Best Answer

I solved the problem by adding my user name to the "lpadmin" group. Since I somehow was not in that group I was not allowed to change anything related to the printer. Once I was in the group I was able to delete the printer. Now all I have to do is re-install the printer.

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