Ubuntu – Lubuntu rejects password when resuming from automatic suspend



  • I have Ubuntu. Because of its extraordinarily slow speed (especially after upgrading to 16.04 from 14.04, almost as slow as Windows), I installed lubuntu-desktop and now use Lubuntu. The change has greatly speeded my computer.
  • I am able to choose whether to boot into Ubuntu or Lubuntu each time I log in.
  • After this change, in Lubuntu, the automatic suspend would not work because it asked for the password. I fixed this using the solution to Authentication required before suspend.


When I resume from automatic suspend, I am greeted with an unusual login screen, which has only three elements:

  • The day and time
  • The title "Light Display Manager"
  • A prompt to enter a password without a user being displayed

When I enter my password, the prompt responds with, "Incorrect password". I have, of course, tried multiple times and typed my password carefully.

I cannot proceed from that screen, and even Ctrl+Alt+Delete doesn't work. I have to use REISUB. EDIT: I can also sign into a console (Ctrl+Alt+F1) and sudo reboot.

Extra notes

If I suspend manually, or if I use Ubuntu, the computer resumes properly with the correct login screen, accepting my password and allowing me to continue. Only the automatic suspend from Lubuntu gives this problem.


How do I get the computer to resume correctly from automatic suspend when using Lubuntu?

Best Answer

Had similar problem. After a reboot, the screensaver password screen keeps asking for my password. Entering my password just keeps me going back to the same screensame password screen. Went to TTY and by sheer luck, i saw the out of space notice when I tried to uninstall light-locker. Turns out I had no more free space on my hdd.