Ubuntu – How to change permissions to the other drives in a hard disk

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I have dual booted with XP and Ubuntu 11.04. Later I formatted Ubuntu partition with 11.10 now I have three drives one for XP other for UBUNTU and other for data when I log in into UBUNTU I am unable to create or delete the all files in the other two drives (XP drive and data drive).

Is there any way to change permissions to the entire drive?

I am unable to change permission by GUI (properties option).

Best Answer

The method you use to set permissions varies with the file system.

For linux permissions it is chown/chmod , but I am guessing you are asking about ntfs.

For ntfs, edit the appropriate line in /etc/fstab add in the permissions option

UUID=12102C02102CEB83 /media/windows ntfs-3g auto,users,permissions 0 0

Change your UUID to your NTFS partition , you can list it with

sudo blkid

You then re-mount the partition and use chown and chmod

sudo chown your_user:your_user /media/windows
sudo chmod 770 /media/windows

If you want a graphical tool, use PySDM

sudo apt-get install pysdm


See also Ubuntu Wiki File permissions