Ubuntu – How to change permissions on external drives


I wanted to change permissions on my external drives that are automounted however I have tried by sudo nautilus and then going to gui and permissions and changing it however it does not let me.

I ran the ls -l and get

drwx------ 1 xbmc xbmc

the gui shows below.

owner xbmc
folder access create and delete files
file access ---

Group xbmc
folder access none
file access ---

folder access none
file access ---

how can I change it so that everyone has permission to access the drive and ALL folders/files inside of it. I am trying to get plexmedia server running and I cant see my drives via the webpage manage to add it to my source to be able to stream my content.

I want to change the "others" access so that I can access all my drives on the /media path to get read and write for all my folders from anywhere.

you can see my drives that are mounted here (external drives are #18,19,20) http://paste2.org/p/1754386

Best Answer

After I purchased a new computer, I needed to get my thumb drives working on it.

Here's the procedure:

  1. Open "Disk Utility", and look for your device, and click on it. This will let you be sure you know the correct filesystem type and device name for it. In my case, it was 'ext4' and '/dev/sdb1' respectively. Next: Decide what you want to call your thumb drive. I called mine 'USB16-C', but you choose your own name. Before closing Disk Utility, click unmount. And USER should be your login name.

    Then run steps 2 to 4 in a terminal window.

  2. sudo mkdir -p /media/USB16-C

  3. sudo mount -t ext4 -o rw /dev/sdb1 /media/USB16-C

  4. sudo chown -R USER:USER /media/USB16-C

Now my thumb drive is accessible, and it automatically connects when I reboot too.