Ubuntu – How to change a set of files Permsissions from Root to user


I copied a set of BlueJ files from /usr/share/doc/BlueJ to a ~/BlueJ directory however the files in folders are set to root permission and read only I need to be able to read/write them.

So in BlueJ folder there are sub folders for each project for example 'shapes' folder.

I found this command here for changing a singular file File Permissions Ubuntu

user@host:/home/user$ sudo chmod o+x /usr/local/bin/somefile

But how can I change the folder permissions and subsequently all files in folders for every project folder in ~/BlueJ?

Best Answer


sudo chmod -R o+rwx ~/BlueJ


sudo chmod -R 755 ~/Bluej

where -R is for recursive and o+rwx is for others to have read/write and execute permissions.

If you want to take ownership of the folder and files:

sudo chown -R USERNAME.USERNAME ~/Bluej

where USERNAME is your Ubuntu username.