Ubuntu – How to allow iOS 7 iPhone to sync? “Trust this computer” appears endlessly


My iPhone 4S won't connect to my computer when running Ubuntu 13.04. The "Trust this computer" prompt just endlessly pops up. Without actually connecting.

Any ideas? Maybe this is just going to be it with iOS 7.

Best Answer

This functionality was built in to iOS 7 in order to stop a security issue in iOS, where Linux systems present themselves as a charger, leaving the connected iPhone/iPad vulnerable to manipulation through Linux. Hence it would be logical for such a function to work properly in Ubuntu.

Haven't been able to find any solution to it yet, but the problem seems to be the question becomes an endless loop.

Information on the new functionality in iOS 7 to ask if you trust the computer connecting may be found here: http://www.macobserver.com/tmo/article/apple-fixes-threat-from-fake-iphone-chargers-in-ios-7