Gnome Shell – How to Show Full Name in Gnome Shell


I've been using gnome-shell and I really like it. I was wondering though if it's possible to somehow get gnome-shell to display the full name of an application in the activities->applications browser if the name is too long. For an example of what I mean:

Full name isn't shown

I have two icons for Battle for Wesnoth in the Games filter. Both of them apparently have names too long to display entirely and end in "…". Is there a way to either tell gnome-shell to display the names or to have them appear as a tooltip or something?

Best Answer

I played around with the gnome-shell.css (/usr/share/themes/[your-current-theme]), after I copied that folder to /home/user/.themes. In the gnome-shell.css is a section called Apps where you can change the grid size of the grid on which the icons are aligned - if you make that bigger (change contact grid entry accordingly) you will see more.

I also tried to find how the pop-ups, like on the overview sidebar, work - however I could not find that. Seems like that has nothing to do with CSS.