Ubuntu – How do i install Andy the android emulator on Linux


I can't find a tutorial about this for whatever reason, so does anybody know how to install Andy? I have pretty much all the software I think I would need (Virtual box, an Android ISO,Andy.EXE which I tried running using wine) so if anybody could help me or provide me with a good tutorial that would be great. (i also saw a few tutorials on how to dual boot Android, I don't want to do that before anybody suggests it). I'm not a total newbie and I feel comfortable with the terminal, I can edit some things using VIM, I can find my why around the file system, I have written a scrypt before, etc but please don't suggest anything super complicated.

Best Answer

You have to use a virtual machine to set it up. You can download the Oracle VM VirtualBox from here.

After downloading and installing the virtual machine properly

create a virtual machine and install ANDY OS... easy as rocket science.

There is also an alternative to use Genymotion which is also wine-able, but I don't use it so I can't vouch for it's stability.