Ubuntu – How do file permissions work

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Can you explain briefly the main concepts and command line tools used to manage file permissions?

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Each file has rights for three different categories:

  • the owner of the file,
  • the group associated with the file, and
  • everybody else.

Rights mean the right to read the file, the right to write to the file, or the right to execute the file in case of a script or program.

On the CLI, you may

  • change the owner with chown, e.g. chown guillermooo
  • change the group with chgrp, e.g. chgrp root
  • change the rights with chmod, e.g. chmod u+w filename.ext (Adds writing permission for the owner of the file filename.ext)

If you'd like to know more about each of these tools, open a terminal and type man [tool], e.g. man chmod.

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