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sorry fresh user. I installed about 9 days ago and had issues with Unity disappearing which took 5 days of headaches to fix. It never did fix, I reinstalled.

I set up Plex (media server) and while the server is running and can be accessed by external network devices, I can't add files. Plex says this is because of permissions. I have gone up and down the forums here and at Plex to get an answer. It seems everyone says

chmod -R 755 /media/My\ Book/Videos

will change permissions to allow the folder "Videos" on my external USB 2.0 NTFS 3TB Western Digital drive (which is mounted and accessible through the file manager) as well as every sub-directory and file contained therein to be accessible to user "Plex".

I have used file manager and as soon as you click to change permissions it changes right back. When I chmod with -c it tells me every file is changed (usually 600) to 755 as I commanded it to do. I did

ls -l

to verify and there is no change. (I also used ls -l to make sure I knew who the owner was and it is me (mvl1014). ls -al gives me the same info.)

I swear to god I tried to sudo it and after smashing my head against this keyboard for basically the entirety of my day, I tried it as root. I was scared shi-less but couldn't come up with anything else. sudo su to root and then chmod -R -c /media/My\ Book/Videos

Same result. -c told me every single file was changed and a check in Unity or in terminal confirmed not a darn thing changed.

Now it seems to me that even if that isn't the thing stopping Plex from working there is still a problem with this command not going through.

12.04LTS — on gen 1 i7 (2.7 GHz I believe) with 6 GB ram

I've attempted to attach a screenshot but I'm told I need 10 reps to do so, which means I'm copy/pasting too.

Please excuse my obfuscation, but Lorem Ipsum seemed unnecessary. And I tried multiple ways to format this but it looks perfect every way and messed up each time in the preview below. (Ugh, I'm a mess.)

$ chmod -R -c 755 /media/My\ Book/Videos 
mode of `/media/My Book/Videos/xxxx/xxxx/xxxx.mkv' changed from 0600 (rw-------) to 0755 (rwxr-xr-x) 

ls -al shows:

mvl1014@FX6800:/media/My Book/Videos$ ls -al 

total 88 
drwx------ 1 mvl1014 mvl1014     0 Aug 28 15:17 .  
drwx------ 1 mvl1014 mvl1014 20480 Sep  3 14:29 .. 
drwx------ 1 mvl1014 mvl1014  8192 Aug 28 15:18 xxxx
drwx------ 1 mvl1014 mvl1014 49152 Aug 16 14:02 xxxx
drwx------ 1 mvl1014 mvl1014  8192 Aug 27 21:36 xxxx
drwx------ 1 mvl1014 mvl1014  4096 Jul 23 19:09 xxxx

I apologize if this has been asked. I looked through this place plus at all the suggested "Similar Questions". The closet thing I got to an answer was here, but running the provided code with my own UID didn't work either.

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The answer was found here.

gksu gedit /etc/fstab

Add the next line as (if you don't know your UUID do a sudo blkid)

UUID=12102C02102CEB83 /media/Store ntfs-3g auto,users,permissions 0 0

Save it and close the file.

If you need to make the directory, which I did

sudo mkdir /media/Store


sudo mount /media/Store

Finally (whatever permissions you want to set)

chmod 755 -R /media/Store

And then make it your own

chown <username> -R /media/Store

Yeah, that took me like 8-10 hours over 2 days to get. And "Store" is for "Storage" :-P

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