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Currently I am backing up gigabytes and gigabytes of data from a live server to a backup server using an rsync/ssh combination script, allowing for automated operation every night with a cron job.

The problem I am having is with permissions.

Running rsync with -a mode copies over the user:group and filemode, which are currently 54122:games and -rwx–S—.

In order to be able to execute the files on the backup server (don't ask me why the employer requires this), I've had to run a time- and cpu-costly (because of the sheer amount of data transferred) chown() and chmod() setting every file/folder to www-data:www-data and permissions of 755.

Is there anyway I can setup rsync to forcibly set each file/folder to www-data:www-data and 755 or am I looking at this problem from the wrong angle?

I guess I could run -rltD instead of -a (which is equivalent to -rlptgoD) but then what happens to new files? What permissions and owner:group settings do they receive?

Best Answer

Amongst many other options rsync can change permission by running it with the option:

rsync [options] --chmod=CHMOD source destination

where you can also combine option --archive with the option --no-owner or --no-perms to exclude preservation of owner resp. permissions. For further options on very subtle settings for CHMOD see the manpage for rsync.

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