Unicode Fonts – Hindi Display Issues for Words Like ‘pra’ and ‘gra’


Words such as (pran) – प्राण, (grameen) – ग्रामीण are incorrect when compared with traditional hindi writing. The first alphabet should have a small forward slash joined towards the bottom to represent र instead of having the alphabet र being explicitly displayed. Can anyone explain why this has been done?

Best Answer

Step 1 is for Ubuntu 16.04 and above

Step 1: Install Language Support

Go to System Settings...> Language Support > Install Languages and install Hindi (or any other Indian language).

Step 2: Install Keyboard Layout

Go to System Settings... > Keyboard > Text Entry (at the very bottom left) > The + sign at the bottom left and add the keyboard layout of your choice, such as Hindi (Wx).

Step 3: Enable Complex Text Layout in LibreOffice

Go to Tools menu> Language > All Text > More.

Look for Complex Text Layout (CTL) and choose your language (Hindi). It should look something like this:

enter image description here

You may want to un-check the box "for current document only" at the bottom.

I have Hindi (Wx) working in gedit and LibreOffice but on in the Ask Ubuntu Answer text box.

Hope this helps