Ubuntu – GUI app for Bandwidth Shaping (Internet Speed Limiter)


This is a similar question to this one: How do I limit internet bandwidth? but in this case I am looking for a GUI app.

The other question was 2+ years ago so a GUI might be available that I could use to not only monitor but also change the maximum speed at which clients can download. A WebApp or a GUI app will help. It needs to work on 12.04 or newer.

Just to give an idea, I am looking for something similar to NetLimiter that gives me the control to know:

  • How much Download/Upload speed an IP/Mac has (Assuming this is a LAN)
  • Limit the Download/Upload speed for an IP/Mac.
  • Option to say at what time a speed can be limited or not.
  • Can cap when a certain amount has been downloaded/uploaded (Like 250MB per day)

Best Answer

Network Traffic Monitor

(Only some of those needs could be satisfied with)

Can install it from downloading .deb file from Sourceforge

Can limit Traffic for data volume as well as time.

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