Ubuntu – Can some one suggest a software to monitor and maintain record of total internet bandwidth usage


Can some one suggest a software for a small home network to monitor the amount uploaded / download from the internet but not the local traffic on the LAN. I know there are similar questions like these

How can you monitor internet data usage?

Monitoring inbound and outbound internet traffic

but the suggested softwares in these questions like vnstat dont consider if the traffic is for local network or internet which means that I can not know if I am reaching my ISPs monthly cap on bandwidth. I have googled for this and found only one software i.e ipac-ng but it is not straight forward. I need something that I a normal user can use easily i.e without changing iptables rules or adding routes.

Best Answer

"Do You Have Limited Internet Plan? Use NTM (Network Traffic Monitor)!" - http://www.webupd8.org/2010/12/do-you-have-limited-internet-plan-use.html