Ubuntu – gedit plugin to highlight all instances of selection


Using gedit 3, I've tried multiple plugins to highlight all instances of the current selection (a la Notepad++):



The smart-highlighting will seem to install and let me activate it, but doesn't seem to actually do anything.

The one at github was written for v2. To try to hack it into v3, I've tried:

  • change .gedit-plugin to just .plugin
  • edit IAge=2 to read IAge=3

That one still won't load (doesn't appear in prefs->plugins list). Doesn't throw an error, just doesn't load. I also can't find the gedit logs anywhere to see if there's a helpful message (I'm relatively new to Linux). I checked /var/logs/ but there's no gedit.

Can anyone help? I just want the auto-highlighting to work.

Best Answer

You don't need any plugin to highlight all instances of a selection in gedit. Select the text about you are interested in, then just press Ctrl+F (to search all instances of that selected text):

gedit - highlight text

Now, let me give you some explanations about those plugins. First one, smart-highlighting is working like a charm for me. How I made:

Second plugin, it's for gedit2.x and finish. It's not enough a simple hack like you tried.


Only works if installed to ~/.local/share/gedit/plugins/. More in comments.